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December 25, 2005
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Huk Warrior Concept by magrunemoon Huk Warrior Concept by magrunemoon
Based off the info about the Huk from the link in my journal, I decided to create my version on what a Huk, planetary enemy of the Kaleesh might look like.

They're a insectoid species and resemble Geonosians.

Steps taken

1. Best hint around to go by....but one small problem, there wasn't too many pictures of Geonosians to go by over the net. So, I scavaged the best ones I could find useful and printed them off as references and draw out what I wanted the head and body to look like something somewhat Geonosian.

2. was time to decide if the Huk had wings or were wingless.
2.1 In Star Wars: BattleFront II, the Geonosian warriors had the wings, which pinned down my choices, but there wasn't much to go by on how they looked.
2.2 I then watched Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, the execution scene, I took notice that the Geonosians on the orrays, in the arena helping on proding the exotic predator out into view, didn't have wings...compared to Poggle the Lesser and the Geonosian crowds, who came to watch the execution.
2.3 One other problem came up, on what the wings looked like, so I froze parts with Geonosians with backs in plain view (Poggle the Lesser at the start of the big battle in the arena as well as the command room with the large holoprojection table in the center of it).

3. Finer details was drawing the armor, the clothing as well as tribal markings, the Huk warriors would may be have, were placed in as the drawing took form and shading was last.

Huk, Geonosians, Kaleesh, Star Wars: BattleFront II & Attack of the Clones (c) LucusFilms, LucusArts, and Warren Fu
Drawing - *magrunemoon
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awsome but do you know a huk is in a new hope?
:heart: their insect wings. they rule. and their feet too ^^ I have a weird thing for clawed feet
I'm glad you like.
ooo that's probably what they look like too..nice bealievable concept =D
Wow... that had to take a lot of determination to go figure all that out. Congrats. I'm inpressed by both your art and your reasearch. I'd never have that much patience. =) You did wonderful and, as usual, I'm in awe of your shading skills. Love the markings too.
They fun to draw, I'll try and get other designs drawn.
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