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Groups and Club I'm a part of

Don't Send Group Correspondences!!
I ONLY submit artwork/stories/etc to those listed above.
Random Group/Submission Correspondences will be denied.

Sci-Fi Group(s):
cade-x-bee - Turians - Mando-ade
RumYes - KisoJoukai - Volatikai
Equine Group(s):
Disturbed-Nightmares - O-H-S - Cavitto
Equus-Ballator - Iltschi-Registry - Nordanner
Informative Group(s):
goshdyrnit - HellBoundTerritory - Inkhlings
GrotGrotto - SilkyBeardogs - Dragomyth
min-kin - CreaturesofAsylum - Oshrathari
Other Group(s):
FourKingdoms - Plains-of-Aetherius - Tokotas
Kintaurs - Faelidh - The-Reviken
Arokai-Game - ShutYerTrap - SharpeCostumeOwners

Dead Group(s): Sirens-Plus


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the artist who that resides here,
DOES NOT Like or Allow fanart of any kind of my personal or adopted characters from random people!!!
That is all!!


Hello's been a while,

I just want to make this Obviously clear!!

To ALL ....too ignorant to read this informative journal about my adopted Closed Species and just comment...or note me anyway!!
You will be Insta-blocked without warning! I'm fed-up!! Knock it the hell off!!

I want to make this VERY CLEAR to ALL, who decide to tread upon my page here:
- DO NOT APPRECIATE getting comments and notes about my adopted Closed Species, especially my cherry blossom-themed minkin, Sakura!!
Getting asked:
-- 'Are you still the owner of this adopt...'
-- 'Will you be willing to resell or trade him/her...'
-- 'OMG, I loved him/her, can I buy them from you... *proceeds to toss an offer in my face*

--- These are approximate quotes are from notes that I've received they've all been reported for the harassment!
--- I WILL block those who comment and note me concerning such matters at my discretion.
- Unless I, personally, create resale journal, All of my purchased characters/designs I own - Closed species or not - are NOT FOR SALE or TRADE!!
- So stop asking, you'll get a firm 'NO' each time & banned from any and all resales that I might hold!!
- Asking a friend to purchase a specific one for you will land them in a lot of hot water as well. So don't do it.

- I will NOT give any warnings via note or comments anymore, this info right here - in THIS journal, is your One and Only Warning!!

One more thing - Concerning Fanart:
- I DO NOT LIKE fan art of ANY kind, especially by random people for many reasons and from past experiences! NO ifs, ands or buts!!
- I don't care about the 'good intentions' that you might have, DON'T DO IT! I see fanart AS character theft, despite it might not be that way to others.
- Any fanart created & posted will be asked to be removed, immediately! No matter if proper credit is there, it must be removed at once!!
- Only close friends may do fan art of my characters, including my adopted characters!

Now that is off my chest...,
I can't promise on how 'actively' active I'll be here, but might sneak things in from time to time. Group stuff will come first before personal arts and stuff.

I'll hold my ground as well as enjoy the caring embrace of my mate.

Over and out,

I'm a Supporter of getting Illegal Tracing BANNED from DA!!
Tracing is a form of Art Thief, it is NOT an Art Learning tool!! 
It is a Fine-able offense!!

IMPORTANT NEWS to ALL Watchers, so Please Read!!:
DO NOT watch me if your sole intent is to look for a buyer for your adopts/designs!! I'm NOT interested, so STOP doing it!!
Those I adopt adopts/designs from I know from another site and watch them here or they're friends of those whom I adopt from already, who just have a DA.
I'm NOT looking for new adopts fro NEW sellers! Sorry!! I've been screwed over by a new seller who took my money and didn't give me my adopt!!
I WILL block you if you're just watching me to get me to buy your adopts/designs!
ALSO, DO NOT note me about reselling/trading my any of my adopted characters, including the Closed Species I own!! It is harassment!!!

Words of Wisdom
"Words of kindness inspires talent and creativity. Words of malice earns nothing, just empty pages." ~ Personal Quote

Other Side-Projects:
Bullet; Blue A-Rift-in-Time: It's done joint co-op fantasy story with another DA member here. Two minds work better than one.
Bullet; Blue Working on a Kid's book as well as a two comics.

South the Coyotl © northwestspiritwolf All Rights Reserved
East the Healer Fox © northwestspiritwolf All Rights Reserved
Unauthorized pending/current commissions - artwork/fursuit - NOT commissioned/purchased by me without my explict written consent of my coyotl, South & healer fox, East, MUST BE stopped IMMEADIATELY or I will be reporting it!! Fines can follow!


:iconalunaa: :iconabelsword: :iconcannedtalent: :icondraco-stellaris: :iconhellblaze: :iconkageelementalist: :iconmilkyfoxwhiskers: :iconnoctilida: :iconpurpleshadowbooster: :iconsharpe19: :iconxradioactivexravenx: :iconyote:


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magrunemoon Featured By Owner May 5, 2015
WARNING to ALL RANDOM Shout Commenters!!

Posting ANY RANDOM frickin' links - on or off site - on my page will be Flagged as Spam and you will be PERMA-BLOCKED!!

, DO NOT Appreciate getting comments and notes about my
adopted Closed Species, ESPECIALLY my Minkin, Sakura!!

Contact me about Sakura, my cherry-blossom themed minkin, at your own risk!
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Hidden by Owner
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