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Don't Send Group Correspondences!!
I ONLY submit artwork/stories/etc to those listed above.
Random Group/Submission Correspondences will be denied.

Sci-Fi Group(s):
cade-x-bee - Turians - Mando-ade
RumYes - KisoJoukai - Volatikai
Equine Group(s):
Disturbed-Nightmares - O-H-S - Cavitto
Equus-Ballator - Iltschi-Registry - Nordanner
Informative Group(s):
goshdyrnit - HellBoundTerritory - Inkhlings
GrotGrotto - SilkyBeardogs - Dragomyth
min-kin - CreaturesofAsylum - Oshrathari
Other Group(s):
FourKingdoms - Plains-of-Aetherius - Tokotas
Kintaurs - Faelidh - The-Reviken
Arokai-Game - ShutYerTrap - SharpeCostumeOwners

Dead Group(s): Sirens-Plus


  • Mood: Annoyed
  • Listening to: In the End - Black Veil Brides
  • Reading: A Dance of Cloaks
  • Playing: Destiny
the artist who that resides here,
DOES NOT Like or Allow fanart of any kind of my personal or adopted characters from random people!!!
That is all!!
Hello everyone...been a while,
Not much to report, but I am still pissed off from by those who don't read my journals though.
SO, for those new to my page...if you want to stay on my good side - READ this journal and the one linked!!
If you don't, you'll get on my bad side really quickly. I'm sick of the harassment.

It's beyond the point of Utterly Annoying!!

NOTICE to ALL those wanting to note me concerning about any of my adopted characters/designs/adopts - [closed species or not], consult this journal - - BEFORE ever contacting me.
I'm sick of the ignorance and getting bombarded with notes asking to resell/trade when I am NEVER doing so! My cherry blossom minkin, Sakura, will never be up for resell/trade!! She means a lot to me and I have a lot invested in her.
Failure to read the linked journal, you will be Insta-blocked without warning!
I'm fed-up!! Knock it the hell off!!

I'll hold my ground as well as enjoy the caring embrace of my mate.

Over and out,
Words of Wisdom
"Words of kindness inspires talent and creativity. Words of malice earns nothing, just empty pages." ~ Personal Quote
Other Side-Projects:
:bulletblue: A-Rift-in-Time: It's done joint co-op fantasy story with another DA member here. Two minds work better than one.
:bulletblue: Working on a Kid's book as well as a two comics.
I'm a Supporter of getting Illegal Tracing BANNED from DA!!

Tracing is a form of Art Thief, it is NOT an Art Learning tool!!
It is a Fine-able offense!!

South the Coyotl © northwestspiritwolf All Rights Reserved
East the Healer Fox © northwestspiritwolf All Rights Reserved
Unauthorized pending/current commissions - artwork/fursuit - NOT commissioned/purchased by me without my explict written consent of my coyotl, South & healer fox, East, MUST BE stopped IMMEADIATELY or I will be reporting it!! Fines can follow!


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