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Groups and Club I'm a part of

Don't Send Group Correspondences!!
I ONLY submit artwork/stories/etc to those listed above.
Random Group/Submission Correspondences will be denied.

Sci-Fi Group(s):
cade-x-bee - Turians - Mando-ade
RumYes - KisoJoukai - Volatikai
Equine Group(s):
Disturbed-Nightmares - O-H-S - Cavitto
Equus-Ballator - Iltschi-Registry - Nordanner
Informative Group(s):
goshdyrnit - HellBoundTerritory - Inkhlings
GrotGrotto - SilkyBeardogs - Dragomyth
Other Group(s):
FourKingdoms - Plains-of-Aetherius - Tokotas
min-kin - Faelidh - Arokai-Game
ShutYerTrap - SharpeCostumeOwners

Dead Group(s): Sirens-Plus


  • Mood: Pissed Off
  • Listening to: Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons
  • Reading: Path of the Renegade

Something is getting worked out. South is still my character and the original creator, whom I adopted South from, is making him a custom similar to my character with my permission.
Yet he's taking his annoying slow time accomplishing.
This does still mean: Any commissions purchased without my permission and consent WILL BE reported as character theft!!

:bulletred: The matter hasn't been resolved yet. I'm NOT going to back down to a cheating liar nor are my friends, close friends or family.


DO NOT accept any commissions of any kind, including fursuits for my character, South, without my consent!!
■ Commissioned Fursuit Maker(s) MUST CANCEL all progress of this suit immeadiately and contact me!! It's character theft to build this character into fursuit without my consent!
■ Quoted Fursuit Maker(s) MUST NOT ACCEPT this character as a fursuit commission!! Just like above, it's character theft!
■ Artists: NO gay/bi artwork is allowed for South! He's NOT gay or 'bi', he's 100% straight and already paired up with his counterpart I own, East!!
■ Also, South is NOT a femboy!
■ Commissioned Artist(s) MUST CANCEL all progress of artwork immeadiately and contact me!! It's character theft to draw this character without my consent!
ONLY permission to USE the character was granted to my ex, I NEVER gave up my character rights!!
I KNOW what I said when I first allowed my now-ex, Fvzzball, to use my character, South, yet my words were GREATLY TWISTED out of context!! He's tried:

■ Extortion of $2700 to 'buy back' my own character I never gifted away and still own
■ Threats of the law against me and close friends taking my side
■ Bribary me to keep my character for his own. Extortion and bribary is illegal!
The character, South, wasn't gifted!! ONLY permission to use was granted since we were together. He lost all permission to use the character when we broke up, end of story.

Only I can commission for artwork and/or fursuits of my character, South.
Any commissions made without my permission and/or consent WILL BE reported as character theft!

Other Stuff:

:new: IMPORTANT NEWS to Watchers so Please Read!!:
DO NOT watch me if your sole intent is to look for a buyer for your adopts/designs!! I'm NOT interested, so STOP doing it!!
Those I adopt adopts/designs from I know from another site and watch them here or they're friends of those whom I adopt from already, who just have a DA.
I'm NOT looking for new adopts fro NEW sellers! Sorry!! I've been screwed over by a new seller who took my money and didn't give me my adopt!!
I WILL block you if you're just watching me to get me to buy your adopts/designs!

Old, yet :new: news:
Support and Spread the word! Get Tracing banned from DA!…
Tracing is a form of art thief, it's NOT an art learning tool!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Now, it's back to the grindstone once more. Oya!

Words of Wisdom
Words of kindness inspires talent and creativity. Words of malice earns nothing, just empty pages.

Over and out,

Other Side-Projects:
:bulletblue: A-Rift-in-Time: It's done joint co-op fantasy story with another DA member here. Two minds work better than one.
:bulletblue: Working on a Kid's book as well as a two comics.



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