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Don't Send Group Correspondences!!
I ONLY submit artwork/stories/etc to those listed above.
Random Group/Submission Correspondences will be denied.

Sci-Fi Group(s):
cade-x-bee - Turians - Mando-ade
RumYes - KisoJoukai - Volatikai
Equine Group(s):
Disturbed-Nightmares - O-H-S - Cavitto
Equus-Ballator - Iltschi-Registry - Nordanner
Informative Group(s):
goshdyrnit - HellBoundTerritory - Inkhlings
GrotGrotto - SilkyBeardogs - Dragomyth
min-kin - CreaturesofAsylum - Oshrathari
Other Group(s):
FourKingdoms - Plains-of-Aetherius - Tokotas
Kintaurs - Faelidh - The-Reviken
Arokai-Game - ShutYerTrap - SharpeCostumeOwners

Dead Group(s): Sirens-Plus


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the artist who that resides here, 
DOES NOT Like or Allow fanart of any kind of my personal or adopted characters from random people!!! 
That is all!!
Hello everyone...been a while,
I'm still alive.
I've just been really busy once again. I was a vendor at a small local bazaar and made a fair amount. There is really no new news to report from there. 

I'm not as active as I want to be here, but then again the rep of DA as a site that allows art and character theft is rubbing my the wrong way. There is just no respect anymore. I've been posted what I need to for groups and that's about it. New arts probably won't be posted here until DA steps up and proves to itself that art and character/adopt design [personal or adopted] theft is a ban-able offense, including tracing, trolling and cyber-bullying. 

NOTICE to ALL those wanting to note me concerning any of my adopted characters/desgins/adopts - [closed species or not], consult this journal - To Those Who Missed the Point! - BEFORE ever contacting me!
I'm sick of the ignorance and getting bombarded with notes asking me to resell/trade those I adopted when I am NEVER doing so!!
Failure to read this linked journal, you will be Insta-Blocked without warning!
I'm fed-up!! Knock it the hell off!!

I'll hold my ground as well as enjoy the company of my mate.

Over and out,
I'm a Supporter of getting Illegal Tracing BANNED from DA!! 
Tracing IS a form of Art Thief, it is NOT an Art Learning tool!!
It is a Fine-able offense!!
Words of Wisdom
"Words of kindness inspires talent and creativity. Words of malice earns nothing, just empty pages." ~ Personal Quote
:bulletblue: A-Rift-in-Time: It's done joint co-op fantasy story with another DA member here. Two minds work better than one.
South the Coyotl © me - All Rights Reserved
East the Healer Fox © me - All Rights Reserved
Unauthorized pending/current commissions - artwork/fursuit - NOT commissioned/purchased by me without my explict written consent of my coyotl, South & healer fox, East, MUST BE stopped IMMEADIATELY or I will be reporting it!! Fines can follow!


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magrunemoon Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015
WARNING to ALL RANDOM Shout Commenters!!

Posting ANY RANDOM frickin' links - on or off site - on my page will be Flagged as Spam and you will be PERMA-BLOCKED!!

DO NOT Appreciate getting comments and notes about my 
adopted Closed Species, ESPECIALLY my Minkin, Sakura!!

PLUS DO NOT Send me RANDOM links - off site - via Note for Mods or other BS for DA, you will be PERMA-BLOCKED for 99.9% are hackers and other BS to hack people's accounts!!

Contact me about Sakura, my cherry-blossom themed minkin, at your own risk!
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